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Actual News and Diversions

Diversion between Drásov and Tišnov - line No. 311

Dear passengers,

from Tuesday 9th January 2018 the regional bus line 311 will be diverted between Tišnov and Drásov. Line 311 will operate via Hradčany.

Stop changes: Bus line will serve also bus stop Hradčany, žel. st. and Hradčany. Bus stop Tišnov, Trnec will be out of order.


Diversion Deblín from 10th December 2017

Dear passengers,

from 17th December 2017 diversion in section Tišnov - Deblín will be continued.

Valid diversion timetables.

Diversion on the line 805 in Znojmo

Trains of the line S91 will be substituted by replacement buses in section Hodonín – Sudoměřice nad Moravou from 22nd of January 7:40 a.m. till 23rd of January 11:59 p.m.

Stop changes:
Hodonín – in front of railway station - bus stop IDS JMK "Hodonín, žel. st."
Rohatec zastávka - Hodonínská Street bus stop IDS JMK "Rohatec, náměstí"
Rohatec and Rohatec kolonie - Vítězná Street bus stop IDS JMK "Rohatec, Kolonie, Maryša"
Sudoměřice nad Moravou - in front of railway station

Changes in Blansko from 23rd December 2017

Dear passengers,

from 1st December 2017 platforms in Blansko will be changed.

Lines 221, 222, 223 and 226 Krasobus will depart in front of railway station.

Lines 152, 167, 230 - 235 will depart from:

Svitavská Street platforms No. 1 – No. 4
No. 1 line 152 Blansko - Lipůvka - Kuřim
No. 2 line 233 Blansko - Sloup - Ludíkov - Benešov
No. 3 line 234 Blansko - Rájec-Jestřebí - Boskovice
No. 4 line 235 Blansko - Rájec-Jestřebí - Černá Hora - Lomnice

next to Svitava river - platforms No. 5 – No. 8
No. 5 line 232 Blansko - Ostrov u Macochy - Vysočany - Drahany - Bousín
No. 6 line 231 Blansko - Jedovnice - Studnice
No. 7 line 167 Blansko - Jedovnice - Senetářov - Ruprechtov - Vyškov
No. 8 line 230 Blansko - Olomučany

Download new map.

Diversion Tišnov, Brněnská street

Dear passengers,

from 10th December 2017 till est. 30th April 2018 diversion in Tišnov, Brněnská street will be continued.

Regional buses 153, 311, 314, 330 and 331 will not serve bus stop Tišnov, sídliště. Buses will stop at diversion stop Tišnov, čerpací stanice.

Check your departures in journey planner.

Tišnov, čerpací stanice

Diversion Suchohrdly and Těšetice

Dear passengers,

from 10th December 2017 till est. 30th April 2018 there will be a diversion of the regional lines No. 432, 810, 811, 813 in Znojemsko region.


Change on the bus routes 803, 821 and 822 in Znojmo

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